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What is Gaerkaaooni?

Before we introduce ourselves, we want to introduce you to the concept of Sustainability. Excellently defined by the Brundtland Report in 1987, 'Sustainability focuses on satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.' Wont it be nice to live in the present without destroying the future? To make this a reality, we need to make better choices, today.

We, at Gaerkaanooni want to provide you with that choice. We want to make sustainable living an accessible reality where each individual will have the option to lead a non-destructive life.

Gaerkaanooni is an e-Commerce platform that will strive to provide sustainable products in every category ranging from apparel & personal care to food & beverages. We would humbly request you to only buy what you need and not buy for the sake of buying. Practice need based buying and you have taken the first step towards sustainable living.

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Mission and Vision

Providing Alternatives

You dont have to compromise or sacrifice
to live a sustainable life.We aim to provide
environment-friendly and cruelty-free
alternatives for all your necessities!

Facilitating Change

Change does not happen instantly.
Instead, it is a process. Our goal is
to set the wheels in motion by spreading
awareness and providing support